A roof is an essential part of your house. Faulty roofs can invite various problems for the inmates of the house. There are various things which can break the roof’s ability for which it was originally designed. These damages can only be inspected by a roofing contractor.

To make you aware of some possible damages that often get unnoticed, Professional Roofing Contractors from Oakville bring you 5 major causes of roof damage so that they can be worked upon timely to reduce costs and further destruction.

  1. Poor Maintenance – Missing out on regular maintenance and inspection checks on your roof can make you overlook various small problems, damages, or even small leaks. All these can be repaired with very little cost ultimately increasing the lifeline of your roof. Simple but regular maintenance can help you prevent small and minor damages from becoming a humungous problem.
  2. Hail Damage – After a severe hailstorm, granules from the surface of the shingles can become dislodged. In that case, the roof has been compromised. The coloured granules that are present on the shingles’ surface protect the asphalt layer beneath them from sun’s exposure and also provide pleasing colour to the eyes. With the absence of these granules, the UV rays can quickly attack this asphalt layer. Therefore after the storm, always inspect your roof for hail damage.
  3. Wind Damage – With time, wind can loosen shingles, nails and other roofing material. In such a situation, even a moderate blow of wind can lift those shingles up leading to major or minor damage. Missing shingles can clearly indicate that your roof has sustained wind damage. Wind and hail are the only two ingredients that can cause severe damage to a roof.
  4. Other Weather Conditions – Almost all colours, types, styles and materials of roofs can get damaged with time by the actions of Mother Nature. The Sun, snow, ice, rain and humidity can cause harsh pollutants or other chemicals present in the air to breakdown or destroy the material present in the various roofing components. Regular inspection, however, can help you keep a tab on these trouble signs so that you can take action on them in time.
  5. Improper Installation – Getting your roof installed, replaced or repaired by a trained and experienced roofing contractor can make a huge difference. Roofs that are improperly installed can void manufacturer warranties thereby decreasing the overall life of the roof. Hence, make sure your Oakville roofing contractor is licensed, highly trained and has the right set of equipments.

Over time, roofs can sustain damage both minor and major. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a home owner to carry out periodic maintenance checks on the roof so that you have an overall idea about them. If you find any damage, call a professional immediately. We, at Roofone, are the best roofing contractors in Oakville. We have served hundreds of clients with our myriad products and affordable installation/repair services.

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