For a garage that’s attached to your home, deciding about its roofing material isn’t an uphill task. But if your garage is completely detached from your house, then you need to decide about the roofing material. While using the same material for roofing in this case as well is obviously an option, but it’s not the only option you have.

Following are some pros and cons of each kind of roofing that you can make use of for your detached garage.

  1. For Curb Appeal – While it might not be included in the structure of your home, but if your detached garage is visible from the street, then it will be viewed like an extension of your entire house. This is especially true if your garage holds a space right above it for an apartment or an office. In that case, your garage becomes somewhat a second building of your overall property. Hence to maximise the curb appeal, going for the roofing material as that of your house makes a lot of sense.
  2. For Durability – Garages aren’t just a structure for housing cars. In fact they can be used for a variety of purposes like a home-based businesses, playrooms, craft room, as a gym etc. So, if you are planning to store materials in your garage that are hazardous or that give-off fumes, you might consider non-flammable roofs. A durable metal roofing having some style and colour will be just fine in that case. They can prevent leakage through rains while adding style and charm to your place.
  3. For a Low Slope Garage – The main benefits of a detached garage is that it can lower building costs considerably. This sometimes leads to a garage which either has a low pitch or has a low slope roof. Such garages are cheaper to construct but you can make use of only one type of roofing i.e. rolled roofing. This roofing is made up of exactly the same material from which asphalt shingles are made except for the fact that it is a bit less attractive, less expensive and less durable against hail and leaks.

Every detached garage is somewhat different. Hence, make a decision that will not just complement your home’s aesthetic appeal but will also provide with the necessary protection and durability. Roofs were designed to protect the commodities from rains and Sun damage, but nowadays, one can fulfil the same purpose while taking the look of the entire structure to a whole new level. Choose a roofing material which can successfully handle leaks, hail and UV damage.

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