Canadian homes are stylish – whether traditional or contemporary. And what adds the most visual appeal in our homes – the roofs. Contractors are known to experiment with materials and use new materials. Being in the roof repair and installation services realm for the last decade, we have never shied away from trying new eco-friendly materials. We make sure that our clients do not waste energy when they choose stylish roofing materials.

Homeowners are moving Away from conventional roofing Materials

Most of the houses in Canada use asphalt shingles or tiled roofs. These are low cost materials used since decades. However, the life span of asphalt shingles is short and they are very energy in-efficient. At most, they will last for 15-20 years. The manufacturing process and disposal of asphalt poses significant environmental dangers. And they do not offer much resistance to sun, rain and snow.

Green roofing materials offer much more in terms of protection, performance and environment protection. Most of these materials are virtually immune to heavy snow. Ranging from metal roofs to recycled wood shingles, these are the best alternative to conventional materials.

5 Green Roofing Solutions

  • Recycled Shingles: The most popular option for earth conscious people are the recycled shingles made from waste materials including rubber, plastic and wood fibre. Other waste materials sourced from organic sources are also used in the production of these shingles. Best part is that users cannot tell the difference between new and recycled shingles. These shingles help reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills. These are energy efficient plus fire resistant and help lower the energy costs of your home. Some of the recycled shingles offer 50 year warranty.
  • Wood Shingles and Shakes: Rare Cedar is used in the manufacturing of conventional wood shingles. Harvesting these old cedars is not a good choice for the environment. Homeowners and builders should promote eco-friendly shingles made from recycled wood. Reclaimed lumber products are made from wood reclaimed from old bridges, homes, mills and myriad sources. Prefer a local reclamation company to further lower installation costs. Recycled shakes can be used for roofs as well as siding.
  • Slate and Clay Tiles: Slate has a natural tendency to withstand heat. Slate roof tiles are highly resistant to extreme heat and last for more than 70 years. Some companies even offer a 100 year warranty on slate tiles. Imagine a product that will outlast the homeowner. Companies today have started to use salvaged tiles and reclaimed clay roof tiles. These reclaimed tiles are greener and offer similar characteristics.
  • Metal Roofing: Metal roofing can be difficult to recycle. But since most metal roofs have life span of 50 years, they can be easily used again and again. They offer excellent reliability and durability. These recycled roofs can be ideal to collect rainwater. Unlike asphalt roof, the water collected through metal roofs does not contain harmful chemicals. Metal roofs are also ideal to place solar-panels. In snowy climates, these roofs allow snow to slide down easily. Recycled metal roof can be made from aluminium, steel and even copper.
  • Rubber Roofing: Rubber shingles is a relatively unknown material for roofing. Steel belted radial tyres are used to make rubber roofs. They are available in a variety of textures and colors. However, in some regions, rubber roofing is not allowed. Confirm with your local authorities.

RoofOne offers all these green roofing solutions to its cutomers. We employ green measures even during installation and roof repair. These materials increase the roofing cost only marginally. In return, they offer long term financial and energy savings benefits.