When you hear of a “leaking roof”, you probably conjure images of water raining down into your home. In extreme cases, such a condition might happen. But initially, leaks start small. If you ignore the problem or fail to act in time, a leak can cause untold troubles. So, at the slightest indication of a leak, call a roofing company Oakville and get the problem repaired. However, make sure that you hire one among the best roofing contractors in Oakville.

How to detect leaks

The easiest way to detect leaks is to inspect your attic, if you have one. Run a flashlight over the attic and observe if you can see certain spots glistening. If the roof leaks and water seeps in, the wet spots glisten when you flash light over them.

Secondly, a skylight that has lost insulation or is not well insulated appears foggy because of the minute water particles that deposit on its inside surface. In such a case, you need to seal the skylight using a water resistant sealant.

Some of the places you should inspect if you detect a leak are the rubber seals or boots around plumbing vents or electrical inlets, flashing, ridge cap, shingles, gutters, downspouts and dormer valleys.

Another very prominent and obvious indication of a leak is damp walls or ceiling. However, the cause of leak might be tough to detect. Oakville roofers use their experience and expertise to detect and repair leaks.


Leaks are just minor problems; why correct them?

Although seemingly harmless, a leaking roof can bring down a house. This is not an exaggeration because there have been numerous cases where leaking roofs have caused short circuits in the electrical wiring system, leading to major fires. Such incidences emphasize the immense importance of roof repair Oakville.

Leaking roofs can damage the interiors of your home. The leak does not have to big to cause major damage. The moisture that seeps into your home increases humidity in the interiors and creates an environment that is conducive for mold growth. Your carpets, upholstery, wood elements and several other interior articles could be damaged because of this increased humidity.

With the growth of mold, your health could take a severe beating, especially if you suffer dust allergy or any respiratory illness. Breathing the pollens released by mold is very unhealthy. Also, if water that enters your home through the leak forms small puddles on the floor, your family and you might slip and fall.

In the long run, leaks could hamper the stability of your home. Wooden homes are more susceptible to damage because the wood structural elements begin to rot. Additionally, water causes effervescence in concrete, which is also an undesirable prospect. The metal elements used in the structure could rust and lose their strength.

Your energy bills increase if you have a leaking roof because the energy consumed in heating and cooling the interiors is greater. This is because leaks allow the hot or cold air from the outdoors to enter inside and disturb the comfortable temperature maintained by your HVAC systems.

Moral of the story is that you should never ignore leaks. Hire a roofer Oakville to take care of the problem at the earliest. Roofing companies in Oakville can guide you in leak detection methods.