Winterizing your home ensures you will have a warm and cozy home throughout the cold weather. This way you can also avoid various home-related troubles. Our roofing company Mississauga has suggested a few ways to winterize your roof to avoid potential damage. Remember, prevention is better than cure and it is always better to take care of your home prior to the winter season to avoid expensive repair or replacement down the line.
Here are some steps to winterize your home easily and efficiently.

Check for pests
Pests often look for warm and safe places before winter comes and your roof is the best place for them to hide and thrive. Raccoons, mice and squirrels can be easily seen seeking refuge during the cold weather. Carefully check your roof for any sign of pest infestation or any weak areas which might be exploited by the pests.

Clean your gutters
Cleaning the gutters should be your topmost priority. This is essential to keep your roof free from various winter problems. Although, it is something that homeowners hate to do, but it is something which must be absolutely done. You might clear your garden of trees and think that this will exempt you from the cleaning job. It is advised to check the gutters at least twice a year to make sure that there is no blockage and the water is flowing freely away from your home.

Remove debris and fallen leaves
Fallen leaves and debris can block your gutter and also trap the moisture that can cause a lot of damage to your roofing system. If you have a lot of trees in your garden or lawn, make sure you keep the garden free from leaves, twigs, branches and other debris.

Heat cables
When the temperature drops, heat cables will come to rescue. They can help your roof and gutter maintain their optimal performance, regardless of how cold it is outside. The heat cables are installed in a way that they help the snow melt away without causing any damage to your roof. It is ideal to invest in heat cables if there are spots in your home, which receive some good amount of sunlight.

Eliminate vegetation and low-hanging trees
During winter, ice and snow weight down the trees and branches of your garden. Thus, it is ideal to trim the branches before winter comes. You would surely don’t want the branches to fall down on your roof and damage it.

With these simple tips you can prepare your roofs for winter. If you want to repair or replace your roofing system before winter approaches, contact our Mississauga roofers at Roof One.