The following steps should assist you in choosing the roofer most suited to your project, and recognizing how to choose a qualified and reliable roofer.

Step 1: Begin a Thorough Search

The most trustworthy way to find a roofer is by referral and word of mouth. Ask your friends and family which roofers they have hired in the past. You can inquire at your local hardware or roofing equipment manufacturer store, who often work in association with many well qualified roofers. Another way is to contact any local trade associations, who are always willing to point you in the right direction.

Step 2: Meeting & Assessing Potential Roofers

Once you have collected a list of potential roofers, it is crucial that you meet with each one and inquire about them and their services. The most professional are those who answer all your questions without hesitation. A good roofer will also show a positive attitude all the time, and be enthusiastic about working for you. In this case be sure to ask about their company’s vital statistics and experience, contact details, license numbers, professional and credit references, etc. It is also important you understand the interests of the roofer himself and the projects that will bring good profit and future referrals. If a roofer is hesitant, it may be because of previous experiences with dishonest home-owners, and they may look for warning signs of problem customers.

Step 3: Negotiating the Contract

Begin by receiving a final estimate of the project. Professional roofers will write up a proposal, which includes a better and the best price for you, and product samples and literature. ALWAYS get this in writing, and ensure that vital information such as building permits, start and completion dates, warranties, terms, and a right to rescind, are all spelled out clearly.