Your roof is undoubtedly, the most important asset that adds beauty and value to your home. But it requires more than just a set of elegant shingles and nails. If you expect essential stability and protection from your roofing system, you need to be meticulous about various components that are interconnected such as rafters, insulation, ventilation and other underlayments.

If you are executing a residential roof replacement or roof repair in Toronto, you need to consider a few factors at the time of replacement. These include:

Geographic Location

The geographic location of your place play a pivotal role in deciding what type of roofing material you need to install. Give considerable amount of time to these questions:

  • Do you live around an open field or by the water?
  • If you own a house that experience high winds or regular beating of sun?

In such condition, you need to consider high grade roofing material, in lieu of basic 3 tab shingles. Likewise, if you live near ocean, metal roofing can turn out to be disastrous as salt water has adverse effects on metal. You can seek assistance from our roofing contractors Mississauga about other potential options.


If money is a concern, the most economical residential roofing choices can be an architectural style shingle. This roof is the upgraded version of the basic grade, 3-tab shingle. Though, the 3-tab shingle also offers stability and durability as it can withstand winds up to 60 mph. Whereas an architectural roof can combat up to 130 mph. They are worth investing as they render more durability and protection.

Roof Pitch

The pitch of the roof defines what type of roof will best suit the surface and perform reliably. Anything from flat to a 3:12 pitch is a low slope roof that requires membrane roof system. In such roofs membrane roofing performs excellently.

Home or Rental

People who plan to live in their property invest more on roofing system as to obtain a roof that can serve reliably for years. On the contrary, people who are planning to rent their property, look for lower or higher grade material that rely on the material type and how much investment can be made.

Roof System Style

Luxury shingles, flat, slate, metal and other distinct materials, they all offer unique appearances. It is advised to choose a roof system that apart from serving you for decades, also enhances the curb appeal of the property.

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Our roof repair Toronto technicians don’t suggest installing materials over shingles. Inspection of the wood deck is crucial to make sure the new roof is being installed over a robust structure. Roofing materials are hefty and the structure must be sturdy to support the material’s weight. You need to consult your roofing contractor before planning to roofing over the existing installed roof.

Our roof repair Toronto experts have complied these beneficial tips about residential roofing to assist homeowners in their successful roofing project.

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