The roof is an essential part of every house. It is a protective layer that safeguards you from the sun, rain, wind and other elements. Moreover, it also plays a vital role in enhancing the overall exterior appearance of your home. In fact, the overall curb appeal of your home’s exterior relies on your roofing system.

That’s why when it comes to choosing the right roofing contractor in Oakville to repair or replace your roof, you shouldn’t take chances with run-of-the-mill roofers. Never settle for less than the best to ensure that you get high quality services and products. Additionally, you also need to ensure that the roofers you are calling in for roof repair or replacement job are legitimate, licensed and insured.

Ask the following questions before hiring a roofing contractor for the service:

Do you have a local office?

A legitimate roofing company is the one that has a registered name and a physical address in the area. This also indicates that they are professional. If a roofing company lacks these two essential qualities, you should avoid taking services from such roofing companies in Oakville. A company without a name and address is hard to find in case any problem arises with their work.

Are you licensed and insured?

Roofing system is a major investment. In order to protect your investment, make sure you hire someone who is reliable. You can check whether or not the company is genuine by asking them for a state license. This is solid proof that the company adheres to all the strict business operation requirements of the local government. Also ask if they are fully insured. Fully insured contractor is essential to safeguard you from liabilities in case any accident happens while roof repair or replacement job.

Do you have any certifications from top manufacturers?

Affiliations with major roofing manufacturers indicates that the roofing company is well-informed about the latest practices and techniques in the industry. It also means that the company only deals with high-quality products from leading manufacturers.

Do you offer a warranty?

In case, you find any problem with the roofing product or installation,a warranty will protect you. Feel free to ask the contractor about the coverage, including the term of the warranty. The roofer will also make you aware of the details that would deem your warranty void.

Can you provide at least three references?

You can ask your roofing contractor about their former clients and the type of work they have done there. Of course, a company with more happy and satisfied customers is always better to hire.

If you have any doubts regarding your roofing system or want to know more about our company, feel free to call us. At Roof One Ltd., we strive to deliver top-quality residential and commercial roofing services to our clients in Oakville and its surrounding areas. For your peace of mind, we are a licensed and fully insured roofing company.