If you want your roof to last long, you need to maintain it well. However, most people are unaware of the right root maintenance methods. You can always ask roofing contractors in Mississauga to share some maintenance tips. The most important aspect that you should be aware of is implementing the maintenance tricks and techniques in the right manner. Read on below for 5 simple but effective roof maintenance tips.

Roof maintenance objectives

The two very important objectives of DIY roof maintenance are cleaning the roof and looking for damages. Based on your preliminary observations, you can decide whether to take up small repairs yourself or hire a professional for roof repair Mississauga. Do bear in mind that taking up roofing activities for repair or replacement can be very dangerous. In fact, roofing is a profession that poses maximum occupational hazard. So, unless you know how to handle repairs, make it a point to hire one of the roofing companies in Mississauga for the job.

The best time for roof maintenance

As an experienced roofing company Mississauga, we suggest that you plan roof maintenance twice a year; once late in the fall and second, during early spring. If your region experiences bad weather, lots of wind or dust, you could plan maintenance thrice a year. But make sure that the weather is dry when you plan a maintenance drive.

Wet weather is highly unsuitable for maintenance because of two reasons. Firstly, due to high humidity, moss tends to grow on the roof. Even if you remove the mold growth, it tends to re-grow since environmental conditions are conducive for its growth. Secondly, a wet roof is a potential danger for you. If you climb on to it, you might end up slipping and sustaining serious injuries. Also, it is tougher to detect the precise cause of leaks in wet weather.

What to look for while inspecting a roof?

Pay special attention to shingles because they tend to become loose or curl. If you find cracks, replacement is the only solution. Shake them a little and see if they yield to pressure easily. If they do, it indicates that they are loose. When one shingle cracks, it becomes the weak spot of the roof and this weakness spreads. Other shingles could also be damaged.

When you inspect the roof, you must pay close attention to roof penetrations, skylights, chimney flashings and chimney vents. They must be tightly secured in place. If these roof parts become lose or if gaps develop along the edges, water leaks into the house during rains or snow.

 How to maintain a roof?

The easiest way of cleaning debris off the roof is to use an air blower. You could rent a machine from one of the equipment rental centers in Mississauga.

However, blowing does not remove moss. You could use a hand brush to get growth off the surface. Power washing is another way to remove moss. There are plenty of readymade moss remover solutions available in the market. Buy one that is suitable for your roof and use it as per instructions.

Once in a year, hire a professional roofer Mississauga to treat the roof and protect it against deterioration caused due to UV rays, pests, bad weather and other factors. Also make sure that the roofer uses environment friendly ways of roof maintenance and repair.