Inspecting your gutters on a daily basis is utmost important to maintain its pristine condition and the looks of your home exterior. However, many homeowners overlook this task and don’t consider repair service important until it gets too late.

Today, we will discuss some warning signs indicating that your gutter needs immediate attention. If you find any of these signs, make sure you call a reliable roofing contractor for immediate repair or replacement job.

1. Initial Signs of Moss

Don’t let the moss grow and harm the appearance of your gutter. They not only look shabby, but can also damage the gutter. Furthermore, they are difficult to clean so it is good to prevent them at the earliest stage. You can either do this task yourself or call professionals for help. Periodic inspection of the gutter will help you recognize the initial signs of moss growth. The sooner you detect them, the lesser it will cost you.

2. Noticeable Dents

Gutters get dented quite often in residential establishments. Sometimes, when you attempt to perform DIY methods to clean the gutter, you unintentionally cause dents on the unit. A dent on the outside of the gutter can create more issues than the dent on the inner side. In case, you find any dent, make sure you call a professional immediately to get it fixed.

3. Downspouts Installed Along a High Risk Zone

This can be a potential hazard to your entire home. If your downspout has any damage or is not properly connected to the gutters above, there are high chances that the water will leak. Worse, if the water gets in contact with the electrical cables or box, you can imagine the situation yourself. If your electrical connectors are at the same point as your downspout, get it repositioned as soon as possible.

4. Watermarks, Peeled Paint, and Pools

If you find watermarks or peeled paints, it not only calls for the technician, but also depicts that your home exterior is in a bad condition. Under the eaves of your roof, you can look for water stains, marks, and peeling paint. Make sure you take strict actions to get such issues resolved as soon and as efficiently as possible. Call a professional general contractor for complete inspection of the gutter and fix the faulty areas.

Hope this guide will help you maintain the condition of your gutter. Periodic repair and replacement will add years to your gutter’s life. For professional assistance, you can contact our general contractors at Roof One.